The Best Spa in Bali for Essential Treatment

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The Best Spa in Bali for Essential Treatment
Best Spa In Bali
Best Spa in Bali – Bali, also called the "god island", is one of the most popular tourist destinations of modern times. It is known as the "island of the gods" because it is peaceful and captivating in its own way of giving the natural goodness. Storied rice plantations, luxurious spa, beautiful beaches, magical climates and extensive tropical gardens contribute to Balinese fame. One of the Best Spa in Bali is Dala Spa at Villa de Daun. Dala in ancient Sanskrit means paper. 

As the child of Mother Nature, paper is the symbol of the eternal life cycle and the quest for human vitality. Paper is a source of nutrition; it also provides shelter and has an unusual quality of care. Dala Spa only use fresh, truly edible, fresh ingredients in our ancient Indonesian ritual menu. As the best boutique hotel in Asia, our award winning situation is another proof that nature is always right. You can choose Bunga Rampai (Potpuri) Ritual for couple in 120 minutes. 

This inspirational 2-hour treatment renews the mind and lifts the spirit based on the rich cultural traditions of Indonesia and Malaysia. It starts with the Penang foot ritual (betel), an ancient Malay ancient custom to offer great respect. The journey begins with a spray ritual of fresh petals to generate positive energy before the Rambay Massage sign. Another treatment is Dala essential for single in 120 minutes. Celebrating the precious silver from Mother Nature, this refreshing package was created to help you relax. 

Start with the Dala Foot Ritual to calm the aches and pains with light rose petals and activate the lavender and camper gels. Feel the Balinese massage for 60 minutes followed by rubbing the fragrant rose petals. Then enjoy a luxurious soak in fragrant rose with a lavender oil and camphor for a refining experience. For more information, you can visit SpaOnGo and Autocillin. Hope that you can find Best Spa in Bali.


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